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Team HRE

Team Hoop Remedy Elite is the new generation on high level hoops teams that integrate top level skill development, media exposure/player promotion, and coaching strategy. Our culture stands on a passion to improve where we focus on fine tuning all the details within the game until second nature. Our players are family therefore we aim to build with those who want to better the collective, understanding that it's the best way to help themselves as well. Others train til they get it right, we train til we can't get it wrong.

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Schedule A Workout/Skill Evaluation

3v3 League

Upcoming hoop league with the intended design of more repetitions. This new, fun, and innovative style of competition is a great way to enjoy a real game experience without major commitment. Leagues run for 4 weeks with two 18 minute running clock games a weekend. Some exciting features to our league are 9 foot rims and 4 pointers! 

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